Visit Crossroads for some good, clean fun in the mud!

Crossroads ATV & Recreation Park

-- Call or text us at (601) 622.1025 --

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  • This is a RIDING park, not a RACING park - 5mph max speed limit on main gravel road that stretches throughout the park.  You WILL be held accountable for your actions.
  • Park is not responsible for any damages or injuries to you or your property/equipment. 
  • All riders must sign an injury release waiver & riders UNDER 18 must provide a NOTARIZED WAIVER before entering the park.  Waiver is AVAILABLE HERE FOR DOWNLOAD .

  • ATVs - UTVs - MX - DIRTBIKES - GO CARTS allowed
  • Motorcycles, full-size pickups and Jeeps are NO LONGER allowed. 
  • Dirt bikes ARE welcomeHelmet and protective gear must be worn at all times
  • One person per dirt bike (no riders.)  No street bikes or cruisers.
  • Helmets and appropriate safety gear are required/madatory for all motorcycles, dirt bike and horseback riders.
  • Helmets and safety gear are required for children aged 12 and under operating their own  ATV/UTV or dirt bike.  Helmets are not required if children aged 12 and under are riding with a parent on ATV/UTV.


  • No glass containers allowed on the property.  Strictly enforced.  Possession of glass will result in expulsion from the park.  (No refunds.)
  • You get get ustuck.  Crossroads WILL NOT use any construction equipment or vehicles on site to aid in recovery.


  • Wristbands are required for admittance and for continued use of the facility. 
  • No riding on NATCHEZ TRACE wooded buffer zone or roadway.
  • No riding on RAILROAD TRACKS or bottom spur of railroad tracks.
  • No TRESSPASSING on neighboring land (clearly marked yellow signs).
  • No littering.  Please use the available trash cans.
  • No firearms or weapons of any sort, to include crossbows, bows, air rifles, knives, etc.
  • No illegal drug use.
  • Courteous language always - NO PROFANITY.
  • No fighting.
  • No ATV riding or bike washing in the lake.